McDonald’s Grant Supports Coffs Colts Hoggies U14’s Girls Cricket Team

McDonald’s Coffs Harbour and Nambucca are pledging to donate $25,000 towards the local community through their Junior Grants Program 2016-17.

Grant Recipient Coffs Colts Hoggies U14’s Girls Cricket Team are the only girls team in the U14’s cricket competition this season which means they play in the competition with the local boys’ teams. The team talks to us about how the McDonald’s Grant is supporting their goal to be number one team in the competition this season.

What’s your team motto? Go out, have fun and never give up.

What does good sportsmanship mean to the team? Working together and always trying your best while supporting the team.

How did the girls team come together? Friendships and through the club

How many girls cricket teams in competition? Only1 – us! We are the first girls team in the competition and proud of it.

What experience have the team members got in cricket? We have players that have never played all the way through to representative players.

What training do the team members do? Training once a week with practice prior to every game. The team coach Mick is tough, but fun!

What role have the team’s parents played in the team success so far?  Our parents fill the roles of coach, umpire, scorer, taxi driver, cheer squad and marketing.

What do you say to girls looking to join the sport? Give it a go, girls can play just as good as boys

How will the McDonald’s Junior Grants Program help the team? It would mean so much to us to be able to buy new equipment especially a new kit bag and gloves that fit.The current gloves we use are massive and keep falling off, not to mention not being able to hold on to the ball!  The grant will be used for new equipment as the current equipment is quite old and tattered, especially the wicket keeping gloves.

What plans have the Team got for the future? Be number 1 in the competition and smash the boys!!!

McDonald’s Coffs Harbour and Nambucca are proud to support local children and groups through their Junior Grants Program.

If you are a local child or group who needs assistance with your sporting, academic, cultural or community project, we want to hear from you, jump on the Grants website and apply today.